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INCEPTION MD is a ground-breaking professional skin care collection that favors both phyto-origin and scientifically validated actives that help protect, nourish and enhance optimal skin health. With more than 20 years of experience working with Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and skin care professionals, the formulation team at Vitelle Labs has meticulously evaluated and selected active ingredients which offer truly amazing skin conditioning benefits. Vitelle Labs is a recognized expert in the formulation and manufacture of professional skin care and we are the manufacturing partner for many of the leading skin care brands used and sold globally in professional venues.

INCEPTION MD contains a wide range of cosmeceutical ingredients such as:  plant-derived Stem Cells; Peptides; Vitamins and Anti-oxidants that have been scientifically validated for efficacy. As a pioneer in natural cosmetic science, Vitelle Labs has become globally recognized for its creative, innovative and highly effective products that contain the finest cutting edge bioactive materials. Our preference for sustainable, biodiverse and natural certified materials synergistically aligns with the progressive values of today’s skin care consumer.

INCEPTION MD skin care products are available through authorized physicians. Our products are formulated for a variety of skin types and special needs. Your physician or skin care professional is able to recommend products from our collection that will bring the most benefit to your skin.


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