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Cleansing is a vital part of your skin care regimen. Removal of makeup, environmental residue, oil or daytime treatment products prepares your skin for rest. Choosing the right cleanser is important if you are going to keep your skin feeling balanced and hydrated. Oily-type skin tends benefits from the use of foaming cleansers, while drier, more mature skin often prefers a cream base with a richer lipid content.


Toners tend to be one of the least understood skin care products. Adding a toner to your regimen can help you balance your pH in addition to removing any mineral content or debris left on the skin following cleansing. Ideally applied to the skin with a cotton pad, toners help to prepare the skin for treatment products such as eye crème, serums and moisturizers.


Everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from the use of an eye crème. The skin around the eyes is one of the most fragile but often one of the highest traffic areas on the face. Use of eye makeup, such as shadows, liners and mascara, often contain ingredients that dehydrate this area which is prone to dryness. Regular use of an eye treatment can help to address many issues typically experienced.

Serums are concentrated blends of active ingredients typically found in a fast penetrating liquid. Due to their unique composition and delivery method, they can elevate your daily regimen by offering an intensive boost of nourishment or skin conditioning. Often they can be combined with other serums, under or over eye treatments and moisturizers.

Day time moisturizers and hydrators help to protect your skin from harmful factors such as environmental aggression, pollution,  UV or general dehydration. These products tend to be light and fast absorbing which allows them to be uniquely suitable for use under makeup and sunscreen. The use of a day time hydrator is recommended for all skin types.


Pamper and refine with some of nature's most exotic natural humectants and nourishing ingredients, masques gently exfoliate, purify and refine leaving skin  feeling supple, soft and renewed.


Stimulating cellular renewal and the healthy turnover of the skin can play an important role in its maintenance. There are several types of exfoliants: chemical, physical, enzyme and gommage. Your skin care professional can recommend which type is best suited to your skin type or condition. Use caution when combining exfoliants with retinols or AHA's.



Night crèmes and treatments can elevate moisture levels and skin care benefits in your regimen. Night crèmes can also nourish and add a wide range of actives which help to clarify, balance and restore vibrancy.

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